Les Baux de Provence one of the most beautiful villages in France

Les Baux de Provence amazing location in South France

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The village is located in France in the area of South East Provence, near Avignon Arles and Aix en Provence. 
Main interests are the old medieval upper part with the ruins of the castle and Carrieres de Lumiere, a great light show in monumental caves. 
Les Baux de Provence is a charming medieval city open only to pedestrians . There are at least a handful of restaurants in the city,
so there is no need to get out of leases in the evening if you choose not to do so.

Legend about Les Baux de Provence

The popular fable gives an explanation drawing its data either in history or a grimoire in the old treasury of the language
but in the marvelous imprecise again all contours.
She tells us that one of the three kings, Balthazar, from Bethlehem led by the Star, founded in passing the city.
We always see, the water gates of the city, the star with sixteen rays Lords of Baux, from the Magi, and they retained their bold cry: A L'ASARD BAUTESAR

Les Baux de Provence history

Ten centuries of tribulations made the village of Les Baux de Provence an accurate reflection of the area's past.
Singularities of its history offer, as on a stage, the image of the loudest personalities, the most devious policies, the most hardened warriors. Les Baux-de-Provence is a military site.
Its harshness, its verticality has the energy and audacity of the function.
Its deterrent role has given him a time the political influence, the grace of artistic creation and the wealth of castrale life. The loss of its formidable military power released at his other meanings.
This is not only a spectrum vestige and witness of a bygone Provence, which is for visitors of all nations who crowd today, the symbol of a little rational requirement that opposes nature the views of the mind,
the local values of the mainstream world and the virtues of resistance to the temptations of easy living.

Have a stay in Les Baux village.

When you have the ocasion to sleep in the only bed and breakfast in the old historical city of les Baux,
you will discover these specials moments, mornings and evenings when all the tourists are gone, you will able to walk around the cobblestone streets almost completely alone - very enchanting.
Le Prince Noir B&B in Provence would be fascinating for everyone, it's basically part of medieval ruins, built into the rock and old stone walls like nothing you have ever seen. Les Baux de Provence is definitly one of the most romantic places to stay in Provence .

amazing place to stay in Les Baux de Provence France
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